X4 Labs Penis Extender Testimonials


“X4 Labs really works, six months of use And I truly see a permanent results.”


“Thank you X4 Labs, this product gave me the confidence I never had

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“Have been using x4 labs since 2013. and have been referring people to this product, because it actually works. not only that but their customer service is amazing. Thank you x4 labs!!!”


“I’ve used many other products but for some reason x4 labs is the one that stands out the most. maybe it’s because of how comfortable their extender is, or maybe it’s because of their customer service and how helpful they are, or maybe its because of their permanent results.”

55abaab2_o– Taken From PenisEnlargementForum.com

As you can see from this post that was taken from PenisEnlargementForum.com the user states that after only a months he realizes noticeable gains.

After contacting this user, i was able to find out what Extender he used from X4 Labs, and he stated that he uses the X4 Labs Premium edition extender. And he very much enjoys how comfortable it is. He also said that when he uses it , he wears it 4 to 6 hours a day depending on the day and his schedule.

7ef903f1_o – Taken From PenisEnlargementForum.com

Another satisfied user from PenisEnlargementforum.com After using his X4 Labs Penis extender he has some impressive gains after only 2 months very impressive.

As you see on the post he has left his email and says that he open to answer question you may have. After reading this post i went a head and asked what Extender he was using and how times a day he uses it and for how long.

His answer was very simple. He uses the Gold Luxury Extender and wears it at least 4 hours a day 5 days a week.He also stated that when wearing the extender it a commitment you take like going to the gym, If you don’t commit you wont see change.