Tips & Tricks To Help Accelerate Growth

OK, so you just bought and X4 Labs Extender and your wondering how to accelerate your growth and gain inches as quickly as possible,

Well here is the number 1 trick to help with your growth process.


What i mean by combinations, is since you have the X4 Labs extender with you. You should combine it with Sinrex pills.

“Penis lengthener devices are used for penile traction therapy, which is known to increase your penis size over time, whereas enlargement pills increase size more properly. This makes the right supplement the perfect launching point for penile traction therapy.”

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That’s right although the extender on itself is great for penis enlargement adding the male enhancement pills is even better for your growth processes.

Another good example of combinations is the Trio, The three Musketeers , The Original Three. You get my point . By combining the X4 labs penis extender with The sinrex Male penis-lengthening-heaven-300x300 (1)enhancement pills you can also go overkill on your growth process and accelerate even quicker and that is by adding a penis pump. Now by using all three will not only accelerate the growth processes but you will see quick and permanent results.

And whats cool is that if you want to only do the Pills and Extender combination or go for the trio all these products can be bought from the X4 labs website.

So what are you waiting for, Get your combination today.