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Male Edge comes up short of expectation

As flashy as the Male Edge extender may look, in the world of penile enlargement looks of the device means absolutely nothing. Clients are looking for results, and unfortunately for male edge, what they have in looks, they lack male-edgein results, Here is why.

Male Edge too expensive for what they offer

The Male Edge extender offers only one way to wear the extender, and that way is with the comfort straps. Starting at $179 you would expect a bit more from it. Unfortunately for their customers the lack of features on the Male Edge extender, will result in a lack of results during their growth process, that’s if you can even call it a “growth” process.

Looks aren’t everything

Compared to the Male Edge extender, X4 Labs is the clearly the better choice between the two. Although the X4 extender may be just a plain white, its result are everything but plain. What X4 lacks in looks they 3in1-hybrid-upgradehave in results.

X4 Labs is clearly the better choice

So if you are someone who is more into looks then results when it comes to penile enlargement, by all means do yourself a favor and pick up your Male Edge extender now. But if you are actually serious and want permanent results, then i suggest the X4 Labs extender hand down.

Not only better but less expensive

Starting at only $99 the x4 labs not only let’s you wear the extender with its comfort straps like the Male Edge extender, but X4 gives you 2 more option to wear the device, You can also wear it with the Noose’s or you can use the velcro straps.


Price War

When it comes down to the line, as an online consumer we are always looking for the best bang for our buck, and that’s what i will be breaking down right now, wich one of these two extenders has the most to offer without damaging your wallet.

Male Edge : $179 to $219

Male edge price ranges from $179 to $219, offering you three different versions of their extender, they are mostly catering to the higher part of the middle class economy.

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X4 Labs : $99 to $425

X4 Labs has a variety of extenders, and has a array of prices affordable for anybody. Their extender start from $99 to $475 X4 Labs is making sure everyone can buy their product.

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X4 Labs is the clear winner in this price war

When comparing both of these companies price’s we can see that, X4 Lab has the most expensive edition in the Gold Luxury. But lets put both of these companies big hitters under the microscope. Yes X4 Labs is almost twice as much, but here’s the catch you also get 3x more stuff with the X4 Labs Gold Luxury Edition. So when you think about you pay for what you get, when you pay a more expensive price your probably getting more quality, and i’m glad to say that even though x4 labs products are less expensive their quality is through the roof . Don’t believe me here is my unboxing video of all the X4 Labs Products : Unboxing Playlist

Male Edge has no before and after pictures

after being able to contact a representative from Male Edge, I asked them if they had any before and after pictures too show. Now if you ask me, either they are telling the truth and if that’s the case their product could be doubtful, only due that there is no proof that their product actually works. Or they just don’t want to publish there before and after pictures.

X4 Labs before and after pictures

Here are some of the before and after pictures from the clients of X4 Labs who have taken place in the X4 Labs Clinical Trial.