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When it comes to penile enlargement there are many companies, So i thought i would simplify your choice and help you choose the right extender by comparing X4 Labs and Quick Extender Pro.


Let’s start off by comparing both of their features. First of all the quick extender pro extender offer only on way to put on the actual extender and that is with the noose.

quick_extender_pro_deviceAs seen on this photo of the Quick Extender Pro extender. you can either wear the extender with one noose or two. Not much variation there. Also when it comes to the noose they tend not be very comfortable when wearing it without the long foams.


you can also see this testimonial from this unsatisfied customer, who had problems with Captu2222rethe noose and it kept on slipping off when he wore it. He had to tie the noose on the bottom of the extender. wich later turned the head of his penis purple. And knowing you have to wear the device for 5 days a week and around 4-5 hours a day, its understandable that someone would want a device that is as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to the X4 Labs Extender, You have more than just the noose variation. X4 3in1-hybrid-upgradelabs offers three different wears the extender. You can either wear it with the comfort straps and the memory foam, the noose and the memory foam or the velcro straps and the memory foam.

Wich not only gives the edge to X4 labs when it comes to how many different ways you can wear the extender but it also gives them the edge when it comes to comfort. X4 labs knows that you will be wearing the device 5 days a week for several hours a day and it would be an inconvenient if the device was not comfortable.


When it comes down to your final choice of what extender you should buy, as a consumer you want the best bang for your buck, and that’s what ill be talking about now. What extender has the lower price tag.


Quick Extender Pro starts their extenders off at 120$. What do you get for 120$ you might be asking.

Well when you purchase the Quick Extender Pro you will receive their Extender wich has no spring tension at all. You will also receive A pair of long foam, a set of 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch bar extension set for the extender and 2 nooses and your typical paperwork, wich includes instruction booklet and details in regards to your 6 months money back guarantee.

To recap when you purchase the Quick Extender pro you wont get as much as one would think for a 120$ product.


X4 Labs starts off their collection of Extenders at only 99$. This is what you will get for 99$

You will receive The X4 Labs Extender wich include a 1800 gram spring tension, a pair of comfort straps, a pair of nooses, a pair of short memory foams, a pair of long memory foams, a set of 1 inch and 1/2 inch bar extension set, an instructional DVD and your typical paperwork work wich include an instructional booklet, 50$ gift card and some information about your full 1 year warranty and 6 months money back guarantee.

To recap, Although X4 Labs has a lower price than Quick Extender Pro, They offer far more things than Quick Extender Pro.


As an online consumer we are always looking to make a purchase were we can make sure that there is a way to have a full refund if anything should happen to out purchase. And that’s exactly what ill be talking about now, the warranty that each product offers.

Starting out with Quick Extender Pro, Who offers a 6 months money back guarantee from money-back-guaranteethe day you receive the extender. It doesn’t exactly fall into the warranty category but unfortunately that is the closes thing that Quick Extender Pro offers as far as warranty goes to.

x4-labs-money-back-gurantee-homeWhen it comes to money back guarantees X4 Labs is the clear winner. Why? well because X4 Labs not only offers a full refund but they also offer a full 1 year money back guarantee, compared to the 6 month money back guarantee that Quick Extender Pro offers.

Now for the actual warranty, unfortunately Quick Extender Pro does not offer one, so 23there is not much too say about that.

But X4 Labs offers to all their customers a 5 year warranty. So if anything happens to your extender to the next 5 years upon receiving the extender x4 labs either fix it or send you a new one depending on the circumstance.


As you can see these are some of the X4 Labs Before and After pictures that were given by the some of the X4 Labs customers that bought their extender via the X4 Labs Clinical Trial.

Unfortunately after contacting Quick Extender Pro and ask them if i can publish some of their Before and After pictures. They responded to me and they do not have any before and after pictures, So i googled Quick Extender Pro Before And After pics and i still couldn’t find any. SO its either Quick Extender Pro does not have any Before and After pictures or they are not putting them online,

But considering that all the other Penile Enlargement companies have some proof that their product works, My guess is that the Quick Extender Pro Before and After picture do not exist at all.